The Importance of Short Videos in China

Short video production time is shorter and more attractive, which has become the main form of online social. More and more Chinese users are willing to devote more time to watching short videos. Short videos have huge user and resource demands.

Increase of short video users

Based on the current 600 million daily active users of TikTok, almost one-third of Chinese people are playing TikTok, and short video producers are outputting content to TikTok. We can see that the demand for short video users continues to increase, and the number of short video practitioners and short video users is increasing significantly.

From the initial development of short video from MiaoPai and MeiPai to KuaiShou and TikTok now, we can find that the growth of users is stimulating the expansion of demand. New communication methods such as TikTok, WeChat, KuaiShou, etc. enable everyone to become a publisher of information, express their own opinions and spread the information they care about. The personalized way of dissemination allows the public to be aware of the release of information and affect the perception of others.

As of June 2021, the number of Chinese Internet users is 1.011 billion, and the Internet penetration rate has reached 71.6%.

The advantage of short video

From traditional media to short videos, the biggest change is also reflected in the diversification and integration of content. Traditional paper media display text information and picture information on a plane. Nowadays, with the help of short video format, it has become possible to simultaneously spread information with text, pictures, sound, etc., which increases the amount of information and the breadth of information.

Short videos are more attractive and time-saving, and have become the main form of entertainment. Internet users are spending more time watching short videos, creating a huge demand for the short video content production market. In the future, with the development and application of 5G technology, short videos still have very optimistic growth prospects.

One aspect of the fan economy is also the flow economy. In this era where traffic is king, TikTok is undoubtedly a battleground for short video operators.

The era of short video marketing

The era of short video marketing has come. Short video marketing has well absorbed the advantages of network marketing-it is highly interactive. It is highly flexible and interactive. The method of traditional media information dissemination is one-way, linear, and non-selectable. The performance is that the publisher of the information releases the information to the audience within a certain period of time, the audience passively accepts the information, and lacks information feedback. This static dissemination makes the information fluency weak and the dissemination effect is not good. The short video communication method is two-way. Each audience is both the receiver and the disseminator of the information, and the interaction is strong and the communication effect is obvious.

For companies, this advantage of short videos can help companies obtain feedback from users, so that they can improve themselves more specifically: For users, they can interact with the short videos released by the company to help them gain feedback. The company’s brand spreads, or expresses its own opinions and suggestions. This kind of interactivity enables the rapid dissemination of short videos, and also enables companies to effectively improve their sales.

Efficient dissemination of short videos

Compared with traditional advertising marketing, which can cost as little as several million yuan or as many as tens of million yuan, the cost of short video marketing is relatively low, which is also one of the advantages of short video marketing. The low cost is mainly manifested in three aspects, namely, low production cost, low dissemination cost and low maintenance cost. When making short videos, several important conditions are needed to continue to create works of high quality that can attract the eyes of the audience.

The importance of short video content

In this new era, whether you are an individual or a business owner, you can make short videos, create personal information products with intellectual property rights, realize your own positioning, and continue to develop. Because of continuous creation, good user attributes can be established between users and you. Your paying users come from your fans, and short videos have become a bridge in between. The personal settings you express through short videos are the source of giving users more understanding. So every time we shoot a short video, we actually have a face-to-face communication with the customer.

In short videos, the more fully you can show your own life status, or the introduction of linked products in the video, no matter what, the more targeted the output will not only allow users to have a comprehensive understanding of the product, but also for themselves Full trust has been generated, the linking of iron powder has become natural, and the later transformation has an inseparable influence.

In short, whether short videos can spread quickly, the focus is still on the content of short videos. Does the content really hit the user’s pain points and needs? With the increasing number of users who use short videos, users’ requirements for short video content have gradually increased, and the creation of short videos has gradually begun to develop in a professional and team manner. Moreover, short video marketing is also gradually moving in the direction of professionalism. If you want to use the power of short videos to obtain good marketing results, you must use the strength of a professional team as the support, and continue to improve and work hard.