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Tmall International Margin “Unblocked” for The First Time

International businesses welcome the good news of cost reduction and efficiency improvement. On July 29, Tmall International released three new service measures to help international brands enter the Chinese market with lower cost and higher efficiency. The three major services include the availability of merchant deposits, the opening of new merchants’ quick entry channels, and the establishment of merchant entry service centers. Under the global…


International Brands on Tmall International Growing by 300% year-on-year

On September 23, at the 2019 Global Investors Conference of Alibaba, Tmall International, AliExpress and Lazada were collectively unveiled. According to the latest disclosures, Alibaba’s global business is growing rapidly, and more and more international brands, SMEs and consumers are benefiting from the Alibaba business. Globalization is an important fulcrum for Alibaba to fulfill its mission and realize its vision. In order to make customers…


Tmall International Boosting during China Spring Festival, 70% Sales from 90’s

Tmall International revealed the imported e-commerce performance in the past Spring Festival, expressing that the sales boosted 20 times and 70% contributed from 90’s. Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou have become the top 3 cities of imported consumption, followed by Chengdu and Chongqing during Feb 2 to Feb 22, 2018. Thermal of import consumption for provinces and regions in 2015 and 2017 Moreover, in addition to Japanese beauty instrument, French…