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Changing Trends in Baidu Search in 2024 and Corresponding Strategies

According to search results, Baidu search may undergo some new changes and trends in 2024. Here are some of the potential alterations: Strengthening of Semantic Search: Baidu may focus more on understanding the user’s search intent rather than just matching keywords. This means that the quality and relevance of the content will become more important. Mobile-First Indexing: With the widespread adoption of mobile internet, Baidu…


How to Boost Baidu Marketing Performance for Western Companies in China

With over 989 million internet users, China offers alluring digital marketing opportunities for Western companies. However, succeeding requires localizing strategies for leading platforms like Baidu – which holds over 70% search engine market share. By optimizing campaigns, brands can efficiently engage Chinese consumers. Here are proven approaches to lift Baidu marketing effectiveness. The Power of Search for Western Brands in China Baidu’s dominance gives it…