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This Really Makes Sense in Online Marketing and Sales

A couple of days ago, we introduced Baidu analysis tool, with the post title of Baidu Real-Time Works Better Than Its Equivalent in Google Analysis, on this site.

Suppose one day, you have a leads, with leads name, contact information, query … What if you enable to know all the details of this person visit, before talking to him/her?

This makes a lot of sense before sales talk, because it’s worthwhile to trust the visit journey indicating exactly what the potential person really cares, though you’ve his/her inquiry literally. There’s old saying, trust what people do instead of what people say.

Here’s real case of one leads with name, contact info and requirement through online form. By Baidu Tongji, we explore much more about the leads,

  • what keywords did the person search on Baidu?
  • what kind of mobile device does he use?

and absolute visit routine as following.

Visit Time / Staying / URL
01:57:08 19″ http://www.readusa.com
01:57:27 4’54” http://www.readusa.com/havenhawaii
02:02:21 1’8″ http://www.readusa.com/investment-analysis-1496
02:03:29 3’8″ http://www.readusa.com/hawaii-study-news-3860
02:06:37 21″ http://www.readusa.com/contact-us/thankyou
02:06:58 10″ http://www.readusa.com/category/house/house-villa
02:07:08 1’6″ http://www.readusa.com/house-villa-3473
02:08:14 7’47” http://www.readusa.com/hawaii-property/buy-info
02:16:01 3″ http://www.readusa.com/house-villa-3473
02:16:04 11″ http://www.readusa.com/category/house/house-villa
02:16:15 45″ http://www.readusa.com/house-villa-3499
02:17:00 39″ http://www.readusa.com/house-villa-3549
02:17:39 18″ http://www.readusa.com/house-villa-3453
02:17:57 13″ http://www.readusa.com/house-villa-3573
02:18:10 13″ http://www.readusa.com/house-villa-3312
02:18:23 40″ http://www.readusa.com/house-villa-3353
02:19:03 33″ http://www.readusa.com/house-villa-3280
02:19:36 18″ http://www.readusa.com/house-villa-3227
02:19:54 2″ http://www.readusa.com/contact-us/thankyou
02:19:56 8″ http://www.readusa.com/hawaii-study-news-3860
02:20:04 unknown http://www.readusa.com

Incredible true? Contact us if you want to apply this strategy on your site as well.