Baidu Real-Time Works Better Than Its Equivalent in Google Analysis

You’re familiar with REAL-TIME of Google Analytics, which helps you understand,

  • how many people are landing on your site?
  • what they are looking at right now?

You can update the information by refreshing in the GA panel, keeping track of what exactly happens on your site at this time.

Baidu has the same function in its Baidu Tongji, very similar to Google Analytics, but Baidu goes much further with valuable information about every visitor in the past 2 weeks, which includes,

  • visit time, location, referral channel, entry URL, searched keywords, IP, Time-on-Site, pages
  • click on pass on a visit

1, REAL-TIME panel in Baidu Tongji

2, This enables you to focus on those who stay longer, what they reviewed and what they expect from your site.

According to the details, you will have a better idea of ​​how to optimize your site, according to the information closely related to your target customers.

3, This helps you discover those pages with correct keywords, but the right people landed and abandoned due to unqualified content about it.

Google REAL-TIME provides real information at this time, while Baidu shows you all the details of each visit, including what happens immediately.

You should need this excellent tracking function if your site serves the Chinese audience.