Baidu Launching Baidu Kankan

Recently, Baidu launched Baidu Kankan, which can be seen as adding weight to the video layout. Currently Baidu Kankan can be downloaded and used on the App Store.

What are the highlights of Baidu Kankan

We thought it was the same as the short video software on the market, but after using it, we found that there are still many differences.

First of all, Baidu Kankan said it is a video software, but on the whole it is more like a video version of the search engine. It is very similar to Baidu. The content displayed after searching in the search box is mainly based on Baijia video content, such as Baijiahao, Haokan Video, iQiyi, etc.

Baidu Kankan’s video content is not limited to Baidu’s own video content. We can also search for other video content such as station B and Weishi on Baidu Kankan.

At present, Baidu Video is not based on its own content, but more like a platform for video content integration. However, only the video content appears after Baidu Kankan’s search. Contents such as pictures and texts are not available on Baidu Kankan.

So Baidu Kankan is more like breaking down the content barriers of various companies and building a comprehensive video content platform.

What role does Baidu Kankan play in it

Baidu’s layout on the video track can be said to have started very early. As early as 2007, Baidu launched Baidu Video. Baidu Video has accumulated more than 600 million users. Now, Baidu has iQiyi in the field of long videos, and good-looking videos for short videos.

As of September this year, Baidu’s Haokan Video has reached 30 million daily livelihoods. The average user time exceeded 70 minutes, and the proportion of time used for more than 3 minutes ranked first in the short video industry. Baidu has launched Baidu Kankan, which is more like providing a larger display stage for its own video content, thereby increasing the profitability of the video platform.

In fact, in addition to the better development of Baidu’s video, the launch of Baidu Kankan has more profound significance.

From the current situation of Baidu search, it is not optimistic. According to Baidu’s financial report for the first fiscal quarter of 2019, the first quarter revenue of “Baidu Core” was RMB 17.5 billion, an increase of 8% year-on-year; net profit was RMB 703 million, a year-on-year decrease of 90%. Baidu search business Declining. The reason for the sharp decline in Baidu search is not only the late transfer of Baidu’s PC terminal to the mobile terminal, but also the huge impact brought by changes in the Internet.

With the rise of Zhihu, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Douyin, etc., users no longer only search for content on Baidu as before. The channels for acquiring content are becoming more and more diversified.

In the current fast-paced Internet, video content is more favored by users. Regardless of the richness of the picture, the look and feel, and the output of the content, it is more dominant than the output of graphic content to most extents. Although Baidu Search has a video column, for now, its potential has not been tapped.

The launch of Baidu Kankan makes video content more centralized. If Baidu Kankan operates well, Baidu Kankan will play a vital role in the loss of Baidu search share. In addition to the measures taken to prevent the loss of Baidu’s search market share, it is also an external measure to prevent problems.

Baidu Kankan is still a video product, but it is very different from the popular products on the market. No product is similar. If you are really looking for similar products, Baidu Kankan may be more like the aggregation platform of Gaode Maps.

Baidu Kankan is different from short videos such as Douyin

From the current content push, Baidu Kankan is doing the aggregation platform. Baidu Kankan itself does not produce videos, and all video sources are through Baidu videos and third-party videos.

This clearly distinguishes Baidu Kankan from products such as Douyin. The two are already staggered in nature, which is very beneficial for Baidu.

The leading positions such as the popular Douyin Kuaishou made by short videos on the market have basically been firmly established, and it is basically very difficult to shake. In terms of user habits and high-quality short video producers, Baidu wants to compete directly and has little chance of winning.

Baidu Kankan aggregates all the videos on the Internet on the same platform to ensure the richness of the platform content and also retain users through the content, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of monetization and gain a firm position in the video field.

Baidu Kankan uses his strengths and avoids weaknesses to maximize his search experience. Through the aggregation of video content, Baidu has a large user base in this area. In terms of content production, it can be regarded as Baidu’s shortcoming. Baidu Kankan does not do content, but only acts as a content porter.

Difficulties of Baidu Kankan’s future road

If Baidu Kankan walks according to Baidu’s plan, it will be full of rewards, but this road is not so easy to walk. It is difficult to say whether Baidu Kankan can avoid the big pits on the way.

First of all, the biggest highlight of Baidu Kankan’s video production is the ability to watch content on third-party video platforms on Baidu Kankan. If this is possible, users will not need to download various video software in the future, as long as Baidu Kankan is locked.

But third-party video platforms also rely on content to survive. Are they willing to share content with Baidu Kankan to increase the richness of Baidu Kankan’s content? If it is to cooperate with several mainstream video platforms, what conditions must Baidu Kankan give to persuade the third platform to allow videos to be played on Baidu Kankan?

Especially in the era when content is king, many high-quality video content creators have signed an exclusive video upload agreement with a certain company. If these videos are directly broadcast on Baidu Kankan, will they cause copyright disputes?

Furthermore, how big Baidu Kankan can be is also crucial. Judging from the current overall interface of Baidu Kankan, Baidu Kankan was made by Baidu with painstaking efforts. The videos on Baidu Kankan have basically not put any advertisements into it. Baidu Kankan wants to attract more users through no advertisements.

Baidu Kankan’s future will be bumpy. If it can survive, Baidu may be able to reach a new height.