China Online Groupon Marketing

Online marketing is traffic in a sense.

Before and after the holidays, most businesses hope to seize the opportunity to do a good job in the conversion of products to sales. For businesses, only by managing traffic well and creating higher customer value can they better achieve their business goals. With the characteristics of precise drainage and high conversion rate, multi-person group grouping has become a must for many merchants’ traffic management. Multi-person groupon is a group buying activity in which multiple people buy together. Users can enjoy lower preferential prices by grouping together, and merchants can increase the purchase conversion rate and bring wider communication effects.

There are many advantages of multi-player grouping for merchants. Buying the grouping at a low price makes users think it is worthwhile; in order to promote the success of the grouping, the multi-player grouping function can help merchants to let customers take the initiative to share and invite friends, and call friends to call friends. Come and participate together; fission and forwarding, and at the same time achieve the goals of attracting new people and promoting single and double. The network effect is formed through the existing passenger flow, which brings a wider range of communication, more traffic and higher conversion to the store. So how does Chanjet’s good business help merchants to acquire customers and promote them to meet the needs of multi-person group activities?

Multi-player grouping increases the group formation rate

What is the most fearful situation for many people to join a group? The group is unsuccessful. Buyers can’t make it, and sellers can’t make money.

Good Business not only supports the recommendation of existing groups, but also supports robots to “simulate group formation”. When the number of people in the group is not enough, the system assigns robots to make up enough people to ensure the success of the group, and the system will simulate “anonymous buyers” to fill up the group, and only need to deliver goods to the real buyers to easily solve the problem of “not enough people” , effectively improve the formation rate. In addition, Chanjet Good Business also supports special settings for group purchases with free shipping, limited purchases of grouped goods, and multi-specification and multi-measured goods support grouping.

Merchants can choose the price of the group, the number of people in the group, and the time of the group when using the good business group promotion, and can also set the limit on the number of purchases per person. You must be careful about the selection of products in the group. You can see the sales ranking of the products in the good business, and choose the “popular” products of the store, or products with a price advantage, or more popular products, these are easier to form a group.

Multiple ways to play

Users can view group activities in the mall in time, and start a group, or participate in a group. After the group starts, you can share the group group activities to WeChat and Moments to facilitate the group group as soon as possible. Merchants can check the grouping activity to know the total amount of orders formed in this grouping activity, the total number of groups initiated, and the number of new and old customers that have been traded. Through these operational data, they can analyze whether the operational activities have achieved their goals. Chanjet Good Business supports the successful or unsuccessful grouping, merchants can push messages to customers who follow the official account.