Why WeChat Marketing Is So Important

In China today, your customers, sales leads, friends, and family are almost all in your WeChat social circle.

What is WeChat marketing?

WeChat marketing takes the WeChat platform as the core to achieve a series of marketing operations on WeChat to achieve target customer visits, build trust, promote transactions, and complete customer reputation.

The importance of WeChat marketing

WeChat has become the social platform with the most users.

On January 9, 2020, WeChat released the “2019 WeChat Data Report”. The report released a number of WeChat annual data, of which the number of WeChat monthly active users in 2019 was 1.151 billion. This means that WeChat is almost equivalent to the mobile Internet.

Only when online traffic is converted to visits in WeChat, can we substantively repeatedly engage with target customers and promote sales. In other words, whether you are acquiring traffic on Douyin, Kuaishou, Toutiao, or offline, you must try to convert these traffic into your WeChat friends to help follow-up target customer tracking and Deal.

As a social software, WeChat has become a “just need” for people to socialize online in China. Customers don’t play Douyin and visit Toutiao every day, but they will open WeChat every day.