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Product Video Marketing Case Study, Testimonials from Customers

This is the case study of product video marketing on athletes recovery product.

1, Introduction of This Video

  • Title: The feedback from athletes after using this NanoVi recovery machine
  • Author: eng3, Life Science Technology
  • Description: Some athletes showed their feedback as testimonials of the eng3 product, how it helped them recover from sport fatigue and performance improvement
  • Video Length: 2 mins 22 seconds
  • Video Platform: Tudou
  • Video Poster: carriencc
  • Posting Date: May 14, 2019
  • Video URL: https://video.tudou.com/v/XNDE4MDg0Mzk0NA==.html

2, Case Study on This Video

2.1, Content Structure

  • Value description from the company CEO & founder, co-founder
  • 4 testimonials from baseball players and racing players
  • The scene of using NanoVi machine

2.2, Commercial Section

4 professional players described clearly how this product helped them recover from sport fatigue, and improve their performance to the next level.

2.3, Good Points

  • Convincing words from real athletes players showing product value
  • Translation subtitles in whole video helping Chinese totally understand what the founders and players say

2.4, Weak Points

  • The layout of the product looks pretty average.

3, Video Marketing Performance

  • Plays: n/a
  • Likes: n/a
  • Bookmarks: n/a
  • Comments: n/a
  • Forwards:  n/a

4, Conclusion

This is the very typical product video marketing with powerful testimonials therein, to convince target customers in good way from marketing point of view.