How China Digital Marketing While Leads Cost Increasing

Many companies are in a critical period of digital transformation. In recent years, higher leads per cost has become one of the problems of corporate promotion. The main reasons for the high leads per cost in most industries are as follows:

1. High offline marketing costs

With the rise of the self-media era, the traditional offline advertising industry also inevitably faces the problem of reducing user inventory, and the cost of traditional offline advertising is increasing.

2, The online marketing process is simple and rude

Online marketing also faces pain points: customer reach and nurturing methods are too simple. For example, the most common way of calling out by telephone, data shows that the proportion of intentional customers is only 1/4000, and the degree of intention is still declining, but correspondingly, the electric sales personnel consume a lot of manpower and material resources, and the investment is The output is not proportional. For experiential high-value products, the current online platform promotion methods also have the characteristics of “high exposure and low conversion”.

In response to this situation, if companies want to achieve low-cost and high-return marketing and promotion, they must first learn to control from tools. From all aspects of marketing, reduce costs, adopt the form of combining online and offline, and make up for the shortcomings of offline with online advantages.

Online corporate exhibitions to help companies capture/maintain target customers with low cost and high accuracy

In the Internet + era, to seize this era, start with the Internet. The establishment of a corporate website undoubtedly adds a channel for network promotion.

Understand the customer’s characteristics and concerns, even if you haven’t added a WeChat friend, you can get in touch with them, reducing the time cost of customer extension. Each function is independently linked, and official account function keys, official account tweets, cooperation channels, etc. can be implanted for information distribution, quickly expanding customer resources.

According to customer characteristics, carry out accurate operation of hierarchical communities to reduce customer operation and maintenance costs. Companies can create multiple communities according to their own customer classification criteria to promote products, information, gift certificates, and events in a targeted manner to help companies better consolidate core customers and expand potential customers at all levels. Electronic business cards empower a new era of business socialization and reduce the cost of customer churn.

Add business friends to each other, accumulate social resources, and reduce the cost of channel expansion. WeChat, while reducing the cost of communication, has also changed the personal social model. The “Business Friends” function of Mingzhan Hui treats companies as individuals and helps companies build their own circle of friends, which not only improves the efficiency of information exchange between companies, but also makes it easier for companies to expand and accumulate social resources from all parties, and reduce the cost of corporate promotion channels. .

Establish cross-industry business alliances and give play to the advantages of own resources

Cross-industry integration has always been regarded by enterprises as one of the effective means to expand customers. Each business enterprise has its own superior resources, which may be unique products and services, or it may be a group of users with obvious labels. Gathering the advantageous resources of various enterprises, establishing alliance business cooperation camps based on the commonality of customers, realizing the sharing of high-quality resources and mutual benefit is the general trend for enterprises to achieve steady development in today’s environment.

Big data analysis to reduce the risk of strategy formulation

Real-time statistical analysis of user data, covering regional dynamic changes of customer groups, professional social background analysis, industry attention analysis, consumption category and consumption level analysis, through more scientific statistical algorithms, allowing companies to understand customer trends and build customer dynamics more accurately Portrait, optimize business strategy in time and reduce risk cost.