International Supermarkets Appearing Online in China

Recently, Chinese consumers have seen more and more online imported supermarkets.

At the 3rd China International Import Expo, with the help of China’s e-commerce platform, many overseas products changed from on-site exhibits to online products. Cross-border e-commerce acts as a bridge. With the help of new product launches on CIIE and cross-border e-commerce, major international brands seamlessly connect Chinese consumers from display to sale. The e-commerce platform relies on its global layout advantages to bring more choices to Chinese consumers.

A few days ago, Deloitte released the “China Import Consumer Market Research Report 2020” showing that Chinese users’ buying habits and consumption patterns have changed after the outbreak. This has promoted the digital transformation of imported brands.

During the CIIE, many home appliance manufacturers showed their talents. Among them, the JD Import Supermarket was officially launched, attracting the attention of a large number of Chinese consumers. According to reports, online imported supermarkets provide consumers with a wider range of shopping options, allowing consumers to “global shopping” more conveniently.

Not only that, in order to better help overseas brands explore the Chinese market, JD International launched the “Imported Brand Growth Plan” during the CIIE to develop in-depth cooperation with international brands in marketing and quality improvement to help imported brands in the Chinese market growing up very fast.

Chinese e-commerce companies have invested their rich experience in the Chinese market to cross-border e-commerce companies, and set up a never-ending online exhibition.

“Standard” to expand the Chinese market

From January to August 2020, JD Global’s most popular categories are cosmetics, skin care, maternal and child care, and medical care. The fastest growing categories are pet life, alcohol, medical care and apparel products. . China’s import e-commerce industry is a continuously growing market. Compared with the overall e-commerce industry, the proportion of imported e-commerce users is not very high, but the unit price of imported e-commerce platforms is higher, which is more than twice the average value of e-commerce platforms.

China is a “big market full of opportunities” that brands from all over the world cannot ignore, and e-commerce platforms have become the “standard equipment” for overseas brands to expand into the Chinese market. Through the e-commerce platform, the most direct benefit is that it can quickly reach consumers. Overseas brands can use cross-border e-commerce platforms to greatly simplify marketing and merchandise sales.