Top 5 Serious Pay-Per-Click Errors China Online Marketing, Shanghai, China (part-2)

Third error is choosing to display the content network with no changes on your bid. It has a tendency to convert fewer than those displaying in search. AdWords and PPCs particularly offer the alternative of bidding various rates for search and content displays. It is insane to bid on the same rate for content and search when it converts less content.

The fourth error is the utilization of extensive match only. There are 4 settings to keywords matching, which lets you target visitors more precisely. The extensive match selection lets numerous keywords to be displayed for any inquiry with the phrases, regardless of the order of words. For instance, if you bid on the phrase ‘drug free’ using extensive match, your ad will also display when someone looks for ‘free drugs’. You have to study how to use optional keyword-matching such as negative match, phrase match and exact match.

Error number five is utilizing only one adgroup. Adgroup keywords share an ad. Google AdWords lets you acquire as many adgroups as you like. It is better to arrange very closely associated keywords in just one adgroup. For example, split the keywords which are associated to ‘diet’ from those associated to ‘weight loss’, even if every single one of them will direct the visitor to the same product website. This will assist in maintaining the bid rates low.