Top 5 Serious Pay-Per-Click Errors China Online Marketing, Shanghai, China (part-1)

Makeing use of Pay-Per-Click is the quickest and easiest method of generating money on the Internet. Naturally, a Pay-Per-Click campaign is made lucrative by maintaining low client acquisition and marketing products with high conversion rates and huge revenue margins.

On the client acquisition side, there are errors that minimize and sometimes totally destroy incomes, thus making a campaign unsuccessful. Here are possibly 5 of the most terrible Pay-Per-Click campaign errors.

The first error is having a list of keywords that are less than targeted. Keep in mind that PPC campaigns rely on the list of keywords that you bid on to have your ads displayed, which will then be clicked by visitors and lead them to your website. From there, you can pitch in your sales process. Therefore, list of keywords is actually your method of seeking clients.

The second error is being short of distinctive feature in your service or product. In sales terminology, this is known as Unique Selling Proposition or USP. Every weight loss programs have the same basic premise – they will help an individual lose weight. However, there is a certain aspect which makes each one distinctively different. Does your weight loss program have a quick turnaround result? Is it healthier compared to other competitors? Is it an easy-to-follow diet program? You have to present your service or products’ unique side because that’s what sells. It makes your ad rise above the rest and gives the visitor a reason to click on it.

To be continued…