Top 3 Things When You Start Your e-Business on China Web

By the end of 2009, the Chinese Internet population reached 384 million with the growth rate of 28.9%. 90.1% of all Internet users are broadband users. Search engine and Internet news accounted for 69.4% and 78.7% respectively.

According to a Credit Suisse First Boston report, the Chinese consumer is going to replace the US consumer as a primary engine of global growth by 2014.

Apparently, the China Internet is a huge, fast growing market for any of online business around the world.

Being a China e-business and online marketing consultant in the past 5 years, we are dealing with varied inquiries daily, covering many topics like, how to start China Internet marketing, how to do China SEO, how to run PPC on Baidu, how to promote e-business, how to get targeted traffic, how to collect money…

However, there are most 3 questions for most of online enterprises to ask when they start to enter the China Internet market.

1, Should we have our website in Chinese?

“Can we start online marketing only if we have Chinese version within our website?”
“How can I do if my prospective write me inquiry email in Chinese?”

2, Where to Start?

“We’ve definite budget for this new market. What shall we do at the beginning, SEO, email marketing or PPC?”
“We have limit knowledge about social media marketing in China. Are there kinds of web2.0 sites similar to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, that we can start with?”

3, How to Test?

“It sounds good. Can we run a test campaign as an approach to this online market?”
“Can we test the market in certain period with limited budget?”

These should be yours as well, if you think about entering the China online market.

Here’s a checklist that you may consider, to test the market with little risk, as for your reference.

1, Define exactly your keywords in Chinese.

2, Study on the online competition with the keywords.

3, Design at least 1 landing page in Chinese, to help most of your customers understand well what your business is.

4, Run PPC campaign either on Baidu or Google HK.

5, Evaluate the performance and think of what to do next.

In most cases, you need Chinese pal even Chinese professionals to assist you for the implementation. It’s worth it, for the future of your online business in China.