How to Test Loading Speed of Your Website from China

As we all know, the loading speed of one site becomes one of those key factors related to user experience, which impacts strongly not only PV, bounce rate but SEO rankings in further as well.

Generally, the loading speed varies depending on DNS, hosting bandwidth and the distance between users and servers. This will slow down in China if your site locates outside China, due to great firewall, while some even turn worse inaccessibly. Therefore, it’s necessary to check this out from China if your audience is Chinese, and especially before your China online campaign.

360 Speed Test, a powerful and free tool for your speed testing in China


It’s pretty simple to use. Access the site, input your domain, go and wait for the result.

With the report shown below, you will see the picture of different regions in China in green (fast), yellow (average) and red (very slow).

The grey indicates no data available currently in these regions because of lack of checking servers.

Some advises on how to improve your loading speed

  • Check your html code carefully and stop those calling for Google css and map, videos on YouTube remotely. These are blocked in China in certain.
  • Use local hosting or move your server to Hong Kong.
  • Use CDN service if you’ve budget.

Local hosting as recommended

CDN providers as recommended

The faster your site performs in China, the better user experience and additional metrics of SEO you will have.