How You Talk with Your China Clients Directly Even You Don’t Know Chinese

It’s really necessary to communicate with your clients deeply, listen to their requirements directly, what they think about your products. This helps you greatly understand your business opportunity in the huge China market.

You may doubt how to access to potential Chinese, talk with them since there’s obviously the language barrier. No worry. Provided you’re looking for those clients who manufacture test machine in China, here’s simple step by step guide you can follow for the meaningful purpose.

1, 3 ways to reach your China clients

A, Keywords searches on Google

B, Keywords searches on B2B platforms

C, Searching professionals, manufacturers on China social media

Targets on Weibo

Targets on Wechat


2, Establish Wechat connections with targets


3, Use Wechat chat with its translation integrated, to talk with your clients what you want


Other translation apps you can use when talking with Chinese

Google Translate

Microsoft Translator


Something you should know when communicating with your Chinese clients

  • Be careful to use phone call unless you’re sure your counterpart Chinese has better English.
  • Be ready for your presentation and brochure in Chinese if they ask. This helps greatly your clients understand your business completely
  • Try to build trust as you can. You will get more help and support if your Chinese clients come to trust you.