Online PR Coordinated with Brand Keywords

One of our clients concerned it’s unworthy doing brand keywords SEO, as it already lists top 1, in terms of the query of his brand on major search engines.

Sounds reasonable but let’s think a bit further.

Provided you’re newbie in the local China market, even though you may be well-known in Australia. From this point, online PR needs to be practiced for the brand awareness, to help potentials who you are, how great your business is. As the online PR campaign hits targets, some queries on your brand will be made on daily basis. That’s very easy to move your brand keywords on the top of Baidu. Traffic and leads/inquires comes in.

However, if you’re not known in public, it doesn’t make any sense to have great top 1 on Baidu in terms of your brand name related. Only you and your competitors did make these searches. In the case, you have to compete for product related rankings, like wine, red wine, wine from Australia, etc.

It’s something like you should optimize your brand keywords before you run a large marketing campaign on traditional media. Online PR should be coordinated with Brand Keywords optimization.