Loading Speed Optimization for WordPress Sites in China

Believe it or not, almost all of WordPress themed sites have loading speed problems in China due to Great Fire Wall, because some powerful plugins and CSS on most issues are called from remote servers outside of China, despite they are hosted within China.

The loading speed is, in absolute terms, the big problem in terms of user experience that has a big impact on keyword rankings in China’s search engines.

You can evaluate how fast your site performs through the Baidu speed test tool. The output will give you a short score and the technical details of how to optimize the speed.

In general, 2 recommendations are given below for reference as optimization of the loading speed.

  1. use Baidu CDN to speed up your site, especially for those who are hosted outside of China. For more information, see https://su.baidu.com
  2. use W3 Total Cache as an acceleration plugin, instead of the popular WP Super cache. See the details at https://www.freehao123.com/wordpress-w3-total-cache/2/

With these simple tips, the loading time is shortened by 37% in one of our real cases, as shown here.