How to Do Digital Marketing in The Coronavirus Epidemic

The spread of the new crown epidemic has been violent. From the European Union, the United States, France, Canada, China, Iran, Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan, the strategy of closing the city and locking the country has been continuously offered to slow the spread of the epidemic. The whole world is working hard to curb the spread of the epidemic, but cruelly, this will severely damage global economic development, and many industries will face a crisis of reorganization.

The epidemic triggered the benefit of the “house economy”

In order to avoid the spread of immunity, and to prevent infection caused by direct interaction between people at a close distance, many enterprises have begun to perform district work and even work at home. There are also many economic activities that have to rely on “physical contact to gather people” are forced to be suspended, including brand-building activities, concerts, seminars and lectures, as well as major commercial exhibitions, all kinds of changes from the epidemic situation and consumer behavior, resulting in the market The economy was severely affected.

However, there is another market, especially in remote services, collaborative service software, e-commerce, online advertising, and cloud services, security, storage equipment and telecommunications needs to support these industries. It is worthwhile to respond to the growth of this epidemic. attention. Among them, “House Economy” emerged a new wave of opportunities against this trend. Although e-commerce retail has not accounted for much of the total turnover in the past, the impact of the epidemic has played an extremely important role.

What can be done in marketing during the epidemic prevention?

After the spread of the epidemic, the ratings of TVs have grown, and consumers are paying attention to the trend of digital media, which continues to rise. During the epidemic prevention period, the customer chose to suspend many physical activities, and through the communication of digital marketing tools, will undertake the budget of past marketing. We adjusted our marketing strategy and shifted our focus to the use of online advertising exposure and social media interaction. Coordinate with public issues to strengthen the link between brands and consumers.

It is a crisis and a turning point

In response to the impact of the epidemic, we are thinking about ways to break through operations. The network marketing demand chain extended from the housing economy has allowed customers to begin to pay more attention to the integration of CRM / CDP, data services, e-commerce, and advertising services. From the online and offline consumer behavior trajectory, integrate CRM data, and then add third-party data tags, more complete consumer behavior profile, and finally access the application of advertising delivery.

Marketing tips to adjust marketing strategies in 3 steps

1. Cumulative consumer data

Find suitable data analysis tools, accumulate CRM data and online behavior data, and collaborate with third-party data to provide clear consumer behavior insights.

2. Stand with consumers

Pay attention to current events, create content issues or scenes that are closer to consumers, strengthen exposure to enhance brand favorability, and narrow the distance between you and consumers.

3. Adjust the marketing strategy of “House Economy”

Strengthen the enterprise’s e-commerce channels, match promotional bonuses, and guide consumers to shift their consumption channels. Adjust the media application and budget, set new KPIs, and convert the proportion of online marketing.