How is Digital Marketing in 2020

The marketing technology industry is growing faster than ever. Therefore, one of its challenges is to predict consumer behavior and use it to attract their attention. As a member of the industry, you need to keep pace with the times and grasp the current trends. As the new decade begins, here are some important trends to watch in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

It is expected that AI will become the backbone of many international industries in the future. According to technology site Techgrabyte, artificial intelligence will provide huge business opportunities for companies, industries and countries in the coming decades. The technology is expected to account for 14% of global GDP by 2030. Because AI can analyze consumer behavior and search patterns, as well as data used by social media and blogs, AI can help companies understand how consumers find products and services.

Personalized Marketing

It is expected that by 2020, personalization will be the determining factor for the success of marketing. Content, products, emails, and more need to be personalized. What’s especially important is that 63% of consumers say that they find general advertising annoying. In addition, 90% of them found personalization attractive. One success story about personalization is Netflix’s personalized recommendations for users. Another example is EasyJet, which launched a data-led email campaign. In its promotional activities, EasyJet used customers’ air travel records to create personal portraits. Based on this, EasyJet can provide customers with suggestions on where they might go next time. The company sent a total of 12.5 million emails with a 25% higher click-through rate than non-personalized emails.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is already strong and is expected to continue to do so. Especially important is that video is suitable for today’s mobile-intensive world, and it is possible to integrate information previously conveyed using promotional websites or email into videos. As consumers see videos as more persuasive, Google will also increase the ranking of sites that include videos. As a result, sites that contain videos are 50 times more likely to get organic search results than sites that contain text. Real-time video, personalized video messaging, 360-degree video, and video SEO are some of the trends expected to be stronger in 2020.

Programmatic Marketing

Another trend expected to grow this year is programmatic marketing. Programmatic marketing uses AI to automate the decision-making process for ad buying by using real-time bidding to target ads to the right target group. It’s important to keep in mind that consumers expect more personalized advertising in the digital ad buying process. Therefore, programmatic marketing is a fast and effective way for companies to contact consumers in a cost-effective manner. Programmatic marketing can both increase conversion rates and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Social e-Commerce

E-commerce and social media are two fast-growing industries, which are enabling brands to use both together to generate more sales. One example is Instagram, which launched Instagram Checkout in March 2019. This feature enables users to complete purchases on the platform. Instagram believes this makes it easier for the company to attract new customers because it makes the buying process more efficient. Because consumers do not have to switch applications during this process, e-commerce sellers still hope that this will reduce the risk of consumers cancelling their purchases. As many as 90% of Instagram ’s 1 billion users say they will follow shopping brands, making Instagram an ideal tool for marketers.