Google Leaving China

Finally Google has decided to leave China. Soon after the announcement on March 23, 2010, Google stopped censoring the search result of by redirecting the site to In Google’s official blog, David Drummond, the corporate’s chief legal officer explains that its decision is due to the Chinese government’s “non-negotiable legal requirement” in self-censorship. However, Google’s R&D work will continue to stay in China.

Meanwhile, is subjected to keyword filtering by the China Great Fire Wall, while its domain is still accessible in China. Rebecca MacKinnon points out that the ball is now on the Chinese government’s court.

Google’s Withdraw Impacts on China SEM

– The market share of searches on China Internet may change greatly if is blocked or partially accessible in the near future.
– The importance of Baidu is increasing, while PPC expense on Baidu goese higher accordingly. However, this may not impact competition, but increase marketing cost only.

The Strategies for This Change

– Pay much attention on those KPIs like conversion rate, order per cost, etc. that indicates mainly the effectiveness of your e-business.
– Apply for advanced SEO such as LSI of keywords, brand optimization, user experience.
– Try other online marketing, evaluate the performance

Other Online Marketing To Be Recommended

1. E-Mail Marketing

2. Portal site Marketing

3. Social Media Marketing


5. Much more …