Crucial Rates of Return and Conversion of Customers

Most clients come to us with simple requests like,

  • Can you help us with Baidu SEO with a list of target keywords?
  • What is your press release position that covers the main portals of China?
  • How can we run a marketing campaign on WeChat?

Well, we used to communicate with these customers, to find out if customers have correct competitive strategies in China’s online market. As the discussion progresses, people love our market research report that helps clients to develop the marketing strategy, which indicates,

  • Who are those local competitors?
  • What are your competitors currently doing in this local market?
  • What is the performance of the players as a return?

In addition to this online marketing strategy, there are 2 other crucial rates that you must consider before the digital campaigns, the return rate and the conversion rate. These 2 rates would boost your business effectively in the market, save you time and cost and avoid certain marketing risks.

A couple of weeks ago, we received a marketing proposal query for Hanji Mask from South Korea. We listened carefully to the customer, and convinced them to run a test campaign to see how the end consumers of China think, including the user experience and the price that they adapt.

The customer looks very happy with the comments of the target Chinese consumers and adjusts their product packages with the agreed prices.

The 2 conversion and return rates play a very important role with the digital marketing strategy, as well as in all types of online businesses.