Cross-border eCommerce in Shanghai FTA

In 2013, Shanghai Municipal established a nation dedicated company in its FTA, Shanghai International Cross-border Trade Co., Ltd., to serve for those Cross-border eCommerce traders in Shanghai.

This cross-border e-commerce of FTA has 3 advantages, comparing with counterparts in other areas of China.

  1. to issue a series of relevant policies including low tariffs
  2. to build a more mature platform with unified customs clearance services for cross-border e-commerce enterprises
  3. to have been serving dozens of large-scale cross-border e-commerce businesses


The rapid development of cross-border logistics in Shanghai FTA does attract both national and international logistics and expresses giants to join, which help its cross-border operation in global network of logistics systems.

However at present, the cross-border trade environment still needs to be improved in many aspects, e.g., various growing tariffs, longer port time, that increase the cost of cross-border e-commerce and weaken sales of imported productions.

The reduction of port tariffs and the compression of port time will be the key points in the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce in long terms.