Alibaba Gains 1000,000 Users In India, China Online Marketing, Shanghai, China

Chinese B2B e-commerce group Alibaba has announced that is has gained over one million registered users in India.

According to Alibaba, over 40,000 Indian small and medium-sized enterprises registered in or use the company’s international trading market every day during the past year. India’s SMEs currently account for 12% of Alibaba’s total international registered users, making the country the second largest international market, which is only second to the United States, for Alibaba.

David Wei, CEO for Alibaba, told local media that in 2008, the number of Alibaba’s members in India increased by 138% and the country has become one of the largest supplier markets on the platform of Alibaba.

Wei revealed that the year of 2009 will be a year of investment and expansion for Alibaba. The company is planning in-depth expansions in overseas markets such as the United States and Europe.