2 Common Factors That Strongly Delay Website Access Speed in China

One day, you have a website with seemingly great Chinese content. You have done SEO audit, keywords optimization, and you are expecting Chinese visitors to visit your website, and then something will happen.

However, none of this happened. You don’t even know the reasons behind.

We have seen too many such scenarios. Too many people don’t realize 2 common factors that delay your website’s access speed seriously in China.

1. The Google fonts calling of WordPress doesn’t work in China

You need to know that these callings are banned in China because of the Great Firewall.

When Chinese visitors try to  visit your website, the access speed is pretty slow, which cause some visitors losing patience and leaving. To make your website friendly to Chinese people, you have to disable these fonts callings.

2. Google’s reCaptcha does not work in China

Many websites’ forms have Google’s reCaptcha verification to prevent robot spam. Also because of the Great Firewall, these verifications do not work, causing your form to not work properly in China.

If you have the same problem and don’t know how to deal with these issues correctly, please contact us for help.