Pillar Content to Capture Customer Attention

According to a survey by the American Content Marketing Association, up to 73% of B2B marketers believe that it is helpful to communicate with potential buyers through official websites or blog posts. But only 27% think the company’s content marketing is very successful. Why?

Although everyone knows that “content is king”, it is not easy to continue to create a lot of high-quality content. This often requires a lot of manpower and material resources. Therefore, we must have a strategy to do this.

In the future, not only will you continue to create content, but you will also need to take care to create Pillar Content to strengthen your company’s reputation as a good content source provider in the industry.

What is the pillar content?

In simple terms, it is focused on providing useful information on specific topics. When potential customers search for related issues, they can provide complete solutions.

A good pillar content page must provide high-quality content, such as a complete guide, and contain a lot of content for search engine crawlers to index.

If you want to build pillar content, first take stock of your company’s resources, such as product information, solutions, success stories and customer word of mouth. Segment pages by chapters so that readers can easily jump to the section they want to know to see the information.

In terms of content type, in addition to official website articles or blogs suitable as pillar content, audiovisual, infographics are also good presentation methods.

It should be noted that the pillar content is not a stack of a lot of useless content, but must be a trusted information combination.