10 Useful Digital Marketing Statistics in 2020

Digital marketing is a trend in recent years. Affected by the COVID19 epidemic, many traditional enterprises that originally relied on physical sales and offline activities were also forced to undergo digital transformation.

Do you understand digital marketing? Take a look at the 2020 digital marketing data from Internet Data Corporation, which can help you make a more effective digital marketing plan.

1, 33% of Internet users click on paid ads because the content of the ads is highly consistent with the search keywords

Once again, it turns out that black hat SEO techniques are no longer effective if you want to do digital advertising. It is most important to provide useful content that solves user problems. There is not enough search page on the light layout, and there is only real content to attract users to click.

2. Compared with other platforms, 63% of users prefer to click Google search ads

Google has changed its algorithm in recent years to allow ads that are more relevant to users to appear on the interface, increasing the trust of many users. In terms of search ads, users still trust the ads provided by Google the most.

3. 64% of consumers said they had purchased goods because of the video material on social media

Rather than spend time adjusting product photos, it is better to spend some time on trial videos, the results may be better. Consumers have seen too many beautiful photos, and practical videos can stimulate shopping.

4. 86% of consumers say they like honesty and express a direct brand impression

Since the beginning of Generation Z, consumers who are familiar with the Internet no longer like the old-fashioned marketing methods. Direct, streamlined, and practical are the preferences of modern Internet users. Although product design is important, modern users care more about the integrity of the brand.

5. On Instagram, 70% of posts are not seen

Under the circumstances where the natural reach rate is getting lower and lower, sorting out business content strategy + advertising strategy is the only rule of community marketing. Only 30% of the posts will be seen on Instagram.

6. 92% of the natural search traffic is taken away by the websites ranked on the first page of search engines

If you want to increase traffic by SEO optimization, you must try your best to rush to the first page, although the second page is also very front, but the results are very poor. Only by ranking on the first page of a search engine can we get traffic.

7. If the page loading time exceeds 10 seconds, the bounce rate increases by 123%

Don’t doubt, people’s patience is not even 10 seconds. In addition to affecting the user’s willingness to enter the site, the page loading speed will also affect the site’s SEO ranking. Modern people are accustomed to high internet speed. If the webpage loads too slowly, users will jump out immediately.

8. On mobile phones, the average web page loading speed is 2.2 seconds

If you want to retain consumers, the web page loading speed is not only less than ten seconds, but also 2.2 seconds. Otherwise, compared to other web pages, yours is still too slow. The average loading speed of webpages on mobile phones is 2.2 seconds. Is your webpage fast enough?

9. 84% of marketers worldwide are planning at least one celebrity promotion plan

Watching celebrities has seen numbness. Internet celebrity marketing is a marketing trend that cannot be ignored. How to stand out when everyone is looking for influencers to do marketing is an important issue for marketers. Influencer marketing has become an important marketing strategy both at home and abroad.

10. The average conversion rate of the e-commerce platform is 1-2%

In other words, if your conversion rate is lower than this number, it is time to start optimizing your e-commerce business strategy. See if there are problems such as unfriendly network interface, slow network loading speed, and incomplete product information. Of course, you can’t ignore the problems of the product itself. If the conversion rate of the e-commerce platform is too low, you can consider viewing the use of the web page.