How to Transfer A Tmall Store

Many merchants are considering entering Tmall Mall to get a piece of the pie. However, the threshold for Tmall is getting higher and higher. It is not easy to self-recommend. It is a shortcut to transfer the Tmall store that has already settled in successfully.

How to transfer a store on Tmall? What should we pay attention to when transferring?

1. Qualifications required by Tmall stores

To transfer a store on Tmall, we must first understand the qualifications required to settle in Tmall. Tmall requires the company’s qualifications, holding a registered trademark or manufacturer’s trademark authorization, and individuals cannot be certified.

2. Methods and steps of transfer

Tmall online store cannot be directly transferred. A Tmall store under one company’s name cannot be transferred to another company’s name.

Usually, what we call the transfer of Tmall online store is to change the actual control of Tmall store by transferring the company. The Tmall online store is certified in the name of the company and is the property of the company. As long as the company has gone through the change procedures and changed the legal person and shareholder, the Tmall store will actually be transferred.

3. Relevant matters needing attention

1) The Tmall online store cannot change the store type and trademark brand. If you want to build your own brand, it is not suitable to buy someone else’s Tmall store.

2) The transfer of the Tmall store involves many aspects of information and needs to be thoroughly investigated in advance. If you need to know other questions about the transfer of Tmall online store, you can consult the online customer service of Taodian.

3) After the transfer of the Tmall online store, the brand of the flagship store and the specialty store cannot be changed, only the franchise store can change and add the brand. Therefore, it is best for merchants who have requirements for brands to settle in by themselves.

4), in addition to the transfer of the affiliated company of the Tmall online store to its own name. We also need to pay attention to other qualifications for Tmall certification. Whether the trademark certified by Tmall Store is under the name of the company or the individual.