Flag Stores on Tmall & JD Doesn’t Mean Sales Orders

We received a call today. One Chinese company engaged in food production and sales, who is completely puzzled with its online business performance.

“We have opened many flag stores on Tmall, JD and other platforms. Why is our sales not good as expected?”

There are many e-commerce platforms in China, among which Tmall and JD are the dominant top 2 giants. Open flag stores on that and expect good sales, is the idea problematic?

It’s like you develop a beautiful website and expect a lot of traffic.

Opening flag stores is the first step. Have you done marketing campaigns on Tmall and JD platforms? Are the content copy and ad copy well done that affect the conversion rate? Is marketing budget enough? Is there any traffic tracking, analysis and optimization during the campaigns?

These are your e-commerce and digital marketing jobs. Even before your campaign, do you run a market research for the development of your marketing strategy?

  • Research who is the competitor?
  • What is the rival’s competitive strategy?
  • What is my competitive strategy?
  • What kind of performance will I have?
  • How much marketing budget do I need?

Similarly, you have an account on WeChat, which is your tool to connect with Chinese customers. But this will not bring you a customer unless you do marketing on WeChat.

Think about it before doing it, and do it right.