Digital Marketing on China e-Commerce Platforms

For any brand, e-commerce, as its online sales, is indescribable in the business world.

Under the influence of the epidemic, offline consumption activities were blocked, and online e-commerce channels became more important. Not only are daily categories such as food, beauty, and fast-moving consumer goods, but even high-value commodities such as luxury goods, real estate, and automobiles have begun to pay attention to e-commerce.

We believe that in the post-epidemic era, online e-commerce will become a shortcoming that companies (especially traditional enterprises) must make up. However, the current situation is that most companies know the importance of e-commerce, but do not know where to start e-commerce marketing.

2 Key Factors Affecting e-Commerce Marketing

The development of the e-commerce industry and model has been affected by two factors:

1. The disappearance of China’s Internet demographic dividend.

This has led to rising costs for traditional e-commerce customers, coupled with content such as live broadcasts and short videos that continue to invade users’ online time, the traditional e-commerce has seen significant changes in marketing methods.

The rise of content e-commerce and social e-commerce means that the brand’s e-commerce team needs to invest energy in content management and community operations. The e-commerce marketing model has shifted from product-based to user-based.

2. Chinese consumers are undergoing a consumption upgrade.

Consumer upgrades have made the user’s product choices more diversified, and some in the industry claim that “all consumer products are worth redoing.”

At the same time, e-commerce platforms are also undergoing a certain degree of differentiation. For example, in addition to Taobao and, there are also market platforms such as Pinduoduo. Due to the differentiation of commodity categories and customer groups, the positioning of different platforms is different.

Different platforms have different marketing logic:

  • Do hot content to attract traffic
  • Rely on opinion leaders to drive brand
  • Try KOL social recommendation
  • Highlight product features
  • Adopt a combination of purchases to drive users to purchase
  • Main rewards drive e-commerce conversion

Integrated e-Commerce Platform Marketing

Integrated e-commerce mainly includes e-commerce platforms under traditional B2C/C2C models such as Taobao/Tmall,, Vipshop, and Suning. They all originated in the PC era and entered mobile-end e-commerce with the rise of the mobile Internet. The characteristic of the integrated e-commerce platform is that the model is mature

Therefore, the brand also has a very rich selection of marketing tools and marketing tools.

Shopping Guide e-Commerce Platform Marketing

Shopping guide e-commerce platforms mainly guide users to purchase through large-scale e-commerce platforms through content or discount information. This type of shopping guide e-commerce platform exists as a channel. Compared with comprehensive e-commerce platforms, the shopping tools of shopping guides are more content-oriented

Other e-Commerce Platform Marketing

  • Luxury e-commerce platform marketing: Luxury e-commerce has emerged due to the overall consumption upgrade in China. This type of platform has limited users. With the development of the middle class, luxury e-commerce platforms can reach a more precise user group.
  • Social e-commerce platform marketing: Social e-commerce platforms have achieved rapid development in recent years, one of which is content-based e-commerce that has evolved from the online community. Such platforms are the second pole of Chinese e-commerce and have become a major e-commerce position that brands cannot ignore.
  • Vertical e-commerce platform marketing: Vertical e-commerce platforms usually only have specific categories. In general, the scale of vertical e-commerce is relatively small, and enterprises need to accurately match brand product categories. Vertical e-commerce is not complicated at the marketing level, but brands usually cover users with integrated marketing within the site.
  • Haitao e-commerce platform marketing: In recent years, Haitao website has been slightly weaker under the impact of integrated e-commerce platforms. Marketing is still divided into three ways: hard and wide, content, and self-operated channels.