Interview Video Marketing Case Study, Expert of SAP

This is the case study of interview video marketing on SAP product.

1, Introduction of This Video

  • Title: Interview with SAP Executive, Rethinking of Global Service
  • Author: Executive Talk, SAP Labs China
  • Description: This is an interview with top SAP executive, talking about new business models in China, reaction on this change especially in global service, and SAP in China.
  • Video Length: 3 mins 35 seconds
  • Video Platform: Video QQ
  • Video Poster: unknown
  • Posting Date: May 7, 2019
  • Video URL:

2, Case Study on This Video

2.1, Content Structure

  • Questions and answers between SAP executive and program host from SAP Labs China
  • introduction of SAP China

2.2, Commercial Section

This is a dedicated interview talking about the trends of global service from SAP expert, which shows SAP important role naturally in the service industry.

2.3, Good Points

  • Good brand image with excellent expertise in service industry
  • Translation subtitles in whole video helping Chinese totally understand what the executive and host say

2.4, Weak Points

  • It would be much attractive if this becomes story telling.

3, Video Marketing Performance

  • Plays: 1,872
  • Comments: n/a

4, Conclusion

This is the very typical interview for most consulting firms, widely used in business video marketing, showing professional knowledge to convince people in appropriate way from marketing point of view.