Influence Video Marketing Case Study, Beauty Product Experience

This is the case study of influence video marketing (live streaming) on China beauty product.

1, Introduction of This Video

  • Title: user experience on Ya Meng RF beauty instrument of red light bloom
  • Author: Ms. Zhang Xixi
  • Description: very details of user experience on Ya Meng beauty product, including daily skin maintenance, this product recommendation, how to use the product from opening package, before and after comparison
  • Video Length: 12 mins 11 seconds
  • Video Platform: Bilibili
  • Video Poster: Ms. Zhang Xixi
  • Posting Date: May 10, 2019
  • Video URL:

2, Case Study on This Video

2.1, Content Structure

  • Recording product user experience in details from opening parcel
  • Introduction on how to use the beauty product with comments
  • Current skin situation, before and after comparison

2.2, Commercial Section

During the introduction of the product, this influencer highlighted apparently the product in front of camera, as shown as we marked in screenshots of this video.

2.3, Good Points

  • Introduce the beauty product clearly and naturally

2.4, Weak Points

  • The product only and lack of meaningful thoughts

3, Video Marketing Performance

  • Plays: 151,000
  • Likes: 5,028
  • Bookmarks: 1,618
  • Comments: 2,274
  • Forwards:  n/a

4, Conclusion

This is the current major method of cosmetics video marketing in China, based on the commercial cooperation of one business and one influencer, to introduce and recommend products to followers. This method has obvious good performance but higher marketing budget needed.