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Building A Brand in The Post-epidemic Era

People have long been accustomed to life in the post-epidemic era, which affects consumers’ shopping habits and consumption concepts, and the trend of offline switching to online is becoming more and more obvious. The penetration rate of digital consumption has further increased, and consumers have paid more attention to green environmental protection, food safety and health preservation. The demand for “safety” has penetrated into every…


Digital Marketing Helping Businesses Improve Brand Awareness

In the process of applying brand marketing in China, many bosses don’t know anything about how to build a brand and improve brand awareness. They only focus on the sales performance and how much revenue they have made this month. Why are Nike, Adidas, Coca-Cola and other brands so well-known? They don’t even need to have their own production bases directly in the world, they…


6 Brand Marketing Strategies in China

In terms of corporate marketing strategies, brand marketing is the most effective marketing tool for Chinese consumer groups. Chinese people’s desire to buy is the first in the world Any business must seize this desire to buy. What will trigger the Chinese people’s desire to buy? The most important thing is the efficacy of the product. If a company wants to do a good job…