Unlocking the Power of Xiaohongshu: A Guide for Foreign Enterprises to Master Chinese Social Media Marketing

In the digital age, the landscape of enterprise marketing has shifted from traditional advertising to the vast ocean of User-Generated Content (UGC). Xiaohongshu, known internationally as RED, combines the essence of community and e-commerce, offering companies an unparalleled platform to deeply engage with consumers and co-create value. This article delves into leveraging Xiaohongshu’s UGC features to provide a comprehensive marketing strategy for foreign enterprises aiming to make a significant impact in China.

Understanding Xiaohongshu: The Power of UGC

Xiaohongshu’s users are not just passive recipients of information but active creators and disseminators of content. According to research by NielsenIQ and Xiaohongshu’s data center, UGC accounts for nearly 40% of the content on the platform, with 85% of product discussions being user-generated. This indicates a high level of user engagement and creativity, making UGC a critical component of marketing strategies for any enterprise aiming to thrive in China.

The Conversion Path: From Awareness to Purchase

Xiaohongshu users typically follow a five-stage behavior pattern: Awareness, Interest, Deep Interest, Purchase, and Sharing. To effectively convert users from awareness to purchase, companies need to provide tailored content and strategies at each stage:

  • Awareness Stage: Establish initial brand recognition through Branded Generated Content (BGC), Professionally Generated Content (PGC), and UGC.
  • Interest Stage: Leverage the community aspect of Xiaohongshu to spark user interest in products, creating short-term memories.
  • Deep Interest Stage: Encourage users to actively seek product information through high-quality UGC, deepening their understanding of the product.
  • Purchase Stage: Facilitate the purchasing process on Xiaohongshu or other channels.
  • Sharing Stage: Motivate users to share their experiences, generating word-of-mouth effects and expanding brand influence further.

Xiaohongshu Marketing Solutions

Xiaohongshu offers a complete suite of marketing solutions, including product seeding, content distribution, scientific insights, goal setting, and performance measurement:

  • Product Seeding: Use scientific insights to understand market supply and demand, user needs, and competitive landscape to formulate precise marketing strategies.
  • Content Distribution: Align with the content preferences of target audiences by selecting appropriate influencers and creating high-quality UGC.
  • Goal Setting: Define clear marketing objectives, such as brand momentum release, penetrating core groups, and continuous expansion.
  • Performance Measurement: Measure marketing effectiveness through metrics like read-through rates and keyword share of voice (SOV), optimizing strategies in real-time.

E-commerce Advertising on Xiaohongshu

Xiaohongshu’s e-commerce advertising capabilities help enterprises create a seamless loop from interest generation to transaction. Through intelligent targeting, information flow, search, and video flow advertisements, companies can enhance their brand visibility in search scenarios and amplify brand influence rapidly.

Case Study: Achieving Youthful Breakthroughs with Xiaohongshu

Consider the example of a clothing brand that successfully utilized Xiaohongshu’s platform for product seeding, store broadcasts, and celebrity live-streaming events. These efforts resulted in a rejuvenation of the brand and a significant breakthrough in market penetration among younger audiences.


Xiaohongshu is not just a content-sharing community but a powerful marketing platform. By understanding user behavior and platform characteristics, enterprises can develop more precise and effective marketing strategies, maximizing brand value. Let’s sow the seeds of enterprise marketing on the fertile ground of Xiaohongshu and reap abundant rewards.

For foreign enterprises aiming to tap into the Chinese market, mastering Xiaohongshu is key to engaging with a dynamic and participative consumer base, driving both brand loyalty and sales growth .