Does English SEO Make Sense on Baidu?

Many people believe that SEO of English content will also work on Baidu and win its traffic from Baidu English users. Is this true?

Undoubtedly, there are many foreigners living in China. Because of the Great Firewall, these foreigners can only use Baidu. The question is, how big is the gap between Chinese and English searches on Baidu?

Let’s take “study abroad” as an example,

  • monthly Chinese search volume = 37,159
  • monthly English search volume = 658

Chinese search volume of “study abroad” is 56.47 times that of English search volume. In other words, relative to most Chinese searches, English searches are very little in comparison.

Having said that, English content SEO still has a certain meaning on Baidu search engine.

  1. If your brand is in English, then English SEO is very important, which will help you get accurate search traffic for brand queries.
  2. If your targets are foreigners living in China, English SEO is more important than Chinese SEO. Such businesses include relocation service, rent apartment, international flights, China job visa.
  3. If you are a large multinational company, English SEO is also indispensable. This will well keep your company’s brand image.