Market Research

The simple research helps you focus on what you mostly concern of China online market. The more you learn, the higher effective you practise your China e-business.

Why Online Market Research

When you plan to expand your online business on China web, think about the market. It’s not just as simple as the language translation. You have to be familiar with the China business environment. You have to know at least your competitors, their activities, market share between leading guys, before any marketing in China Internet. The online market research helps you learn the marketing strategies, activities from those potential competitors. The more you learn about, the better you handle with your e-business in China.

Value of Online Market Research

By the simple research, you would receive the valuable information on the China online market as followings,

  • The online market size
  • Main, potential competitors in your industry
  • Market share between big guys
  • Marketing strategies, activities and performance from main competitors

Some Conclusions from One Online Market Research as for Your Reference

  • The online real estate market on China web is huge, with the estimated +++K posts for rentals and +++K posts for 2nd home every day.
  • The top 1 of this online market is +++, occupying around 1/3 of market share.
  • It’s nearly impossible to enter top 5 with limit marketing budget, even for couple of years, as those leading websites are supported by big guys like alibaba, sina, sohu.
  • As for SEO, the search volume of top + keywords (+++) from Google and Baidu, is estimated ++M monthly, while competition seems furious.
  • Huge, refresh database including oversea real estate, professional analysis to help for trading may be considered as cutting edge for entrance of this market at the beginning.
  • SEO, online PR and online advertising can be used as effective methods of online marketing.
  • The objectives will be set up in short term and long term, based on current website and its resources, with relative marketing strategy accordingly.


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