E-Business Consulting

The more you know about how the ecommerce works, the little risk you may sustain and the higher rate your ebusiness will be. This happens especially in the new market.

Why Online Business Consulting

Most of the cases, customers just request for online marketing service when they are about to develop their e-business on China web.

However, when we ask if customers know about their potential competitors in the local market, their online activities, marketing strategies, and performances, etc., we are given unclear answers.

The big risk exists here, while you enter the new market. The more you know about the business environment, the better it may help you generate good business objectives with right strategies accordingly. And that’s the reason you need the online business consulting service if you plan to boost your e-business on China web.

Value of Online Business Consulting

  • Know market demand, market share and any big competitors in the online market
  • Learn from leading competitors, their marketing strategies, activities and performance
  • Develop business objectives with right strategies, to compete against those competitors
  • Execution plan in details with budget
  • What output would be expected

Service Process of e-Business Consulting

Here’s our work flow for the consulting service.

  • Objectives with budget and timeline accordingly
  • Definition of KPI, evaluation for benchmark
  • Research & Strategies
    // A list of competitors, their online activities
    // Marketing strategies and performance
    // Competition strategies, not only for fighting against competitors but serving objectives as well
  • Planning & execution
  • Tracking & tweaking
  • Reporting


More details of our business presentation would be shown to you, based on your request and inquiry. Click here to contact with us for more.