Your Domain Needs to Be Filed on Records by China Authority

As you may know, any website, if being hosted in mainland China, needs ICP certificate, which is forced by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, PRC.

It’s called “BeiAn”, as “put on records” or “be filed” in English.

Recently, every website owner is forced to take another “BeiAn”, required by Ministry of Public Security, PRC. Therefore, one domain (instead of website accurately) needs 2 “BeiAn” both from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology & Ministry of Public Security, with almost same documentations in procedure.

Ridiculously, a foreigner personal and/or organization isn’t qualified for the application of BeiAn in China. Without this BeiAn, your website may become 404 site, which means it may be blocked via DNS in China. Whether it’s 404 or not, depends on the judgment from China Authority.

Another big issue in legal, without BeiAn, is you are not allowed to run digital campaign in China region.