What is difference between China Baidu and Google?

If you want SEO for your web marketing in China, you have to deal with Baidu carefully. Baidu, the giant engine, acts like the equivalent to that of Google, but not the same as always.

We’ve the following comparison below, as for your better understanding how Baidu performs in China digital world.

Baidu Google
Access very fast in China Blocked in China
Listing 3-6 PPC over organic 1 ppc over organic, with others on right
Relevant Result good accurate
AI/RankBrain applied to algorithm applied to algorithm
Language Chinese mainly multiple
Censorship serious n/a
Site Inclusion not fast fast
Original Content very like like
Internal Link weigh much weigh less
External Link relevant link link popularity
Recovery from Being Banned difficult as manpower involved follow rules
Webmaster has has
Tracking Baidu Tongji Google Analytics

AS for products from these 2 giants, both have the basic services of translation, map, community, cloud storage. However, Baidu gets much involved in application in different industries, e.g., music, finance, law, take-out, etc., while Google is more likely to focus on mobile and high tech development, e.g. AI device, Android, Chrome, Inbox by Gmail.