Mobile Phone Giant Declared to Return to the China Market

In the past few years, the smart phone market keeps changing strongly. China Huawei went global market with its sales exceeding 200 million last year, and became the world’s second largest mobile phone manufacturer. In addition, Xiaomi has made amazing achievements in the Indian market.

Meanwhile, Samsung mobile has encountered the largest waterloo in history in the country, falling from the initial 20% market share to less than 1% currently, in just a few years.

Samsung’s sales in 2018 fell 32% year-on-year. Last year, China shipments were only 5.95 million units. Due to the sharp drop in sales, Samsung’s mobile phone factory in Tianjin was closed, although the situation is not optimistic, Samsung’s management did not plan to withdraw from the China market.

With the acceleration of the globalization process, the China market has become more and more important in the world. Samsung has gradually realized that it cannot give up China, so it is preparing to return to the China market. The important strategy for Samsung’s return is its localization.

Samsung China Branch has to develop products that are in line with the China market, and use Chinese teams to design product that domestic consumers love in China. In short, the design and sales of Samsung mobile phone will incorporate rich Chinese elements.

In the face of the coming Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OV and other domestic mobile phone manufacturers are now facing great opportunity of future smart phone market in the 5G era.

In 2016, Samsung’s “battery door” incident occurred. China consumers have a lot of doubts about the security of Samsung mobile phones. In addition, Samsung’s responsible person’s attitude towards this matter is different from China’s and Foreign consumers have caused Samsung mobile phones to be boycotted by the Chinese people. This is because they are self-sufficient.

Today, the international mobile phone giant Samsung announced that it is ready to return to the China market and formally challenge Huawei!

Do you think that Samsung will win in China market again this time?