Get First Dibs on Your Competition’s Market Intelligence and Succeed in China Online Marketing

In the competitive China online marketing space, there are two types of business owners: one being concerned with merely getting traffic and the other (smarter marketer) knowing the traffic sources are coming from and how to maximize their traffic for monetization. Source of traffic may vary ranging from SEO, PPC, social media, online press release, ad display on verticals.

Obviously, everyone seems to know or has the answer. Would it be beneficial to you if you knew exactly the competitors know and their data on which they rely on to make their conversions, increase traffic and foster lead generation? What if your business can have the very same insights as your competitors to help you get the decisive edge in China online marketing space? It may have seemed like that was out of reach some years ago, but it is now possible through data-centric marketing in China.

In LinkedIn networking event in Shanghai, on Nov. 19 of 2015, I got a chance to converse with Mr. Gemme Van Hasselt who has been in online marketing for over 18 years.

I expressed to him that we had about the same length of career, and I felt that both of us are quite knowledgeable in the expertise of digital marketing.

Mr. Hasselt smiled and raised his question, “John, what’s the biggest lesson from your past 17 years of experience?”

“A very good question” I replied, getting back to him with my point which was always implementing the right strategy. I also expressed to him that we rather move a bit slower than make a mistake and suffer by doing things in wrong direction in digital marketing business. Coming up with and executing the right digital marketing strategy is no easy task, even if you are a seasoned digital marketing professional.

Mr. Hasselt agreed by nodding and I continued on with my explanation. We’ve had clients around the world mainly in two categories, ranging from large enterprises to small to medium businesses. What we discovered was that each type of client had completely different concerns, large enterprise clients focusing more on market competition and strategies to compete against local players, while majority of small companies preferred to start with the basics like how to rank higher with keywords, increase conversion and overall boost in traffic and leads.

We help our clients develop a right digital marketing strategy regardless how big or small their marketing concerns are. The marketing plan we craft is not swayed by what the action of our clients’ competitors, even if their strategy seems to generate leads and sales at that time. The typical marketing strategy follows convention and it isn’t so differentiated from competitors. What we advocate however, is gleaning a digital marketing strategy derived from real-time, real-world big data. Let’s face it, we live in a data driven world, and those with relevant, timely information have the decisive edge over their competition.

What we gathered from our extensive digital marketing practice is that things are now changing rapidly in this data-driven world.

Partnership with telecom giant in China has given us invaluable insights, allowing us to dig deeply into online behavior of targets through reliable 3rd-party databases. We help our clients to extract core information about competitors, where leads/orders come from, quantity, conversion rate, and much more by harnessing this data.

Does your company have the right digital marketing plan to succeed in China? If not we can help you to craft one to launch your business in China. In our marketing intelligence report, you can read about the right digital strategy and execution plan that will empower you to develop a success roadmap and step- by-step blue print towards monetization and maximizing your ROI on every marketing dollar spent. In the report, we have outlined for your company the right steps to take before you committing yourself to an online marketing campaign in China. We assure you that our 16 years of experience can definitely save you and your company from commonplace pitfalls and marketing mistakes virgin marketers make in China online marketplace.

It’s only prudent to benefit from insights of seasoned China marketing veteran as myself and my firm. This is not just any claim, but we have to data to back us up and bolster our clients toward success in China online marketplace.

You can request for market intelligence report on your company and how well your products and services will fare against competitors. I’m also available to discuss details if you’re interested in new development of your digital marketing strategy in China.