Chinese Companies’ Marketing Budget Growth Slowing Down

The “2020 China Internet Marketing Development Report” was released on September 16, 2020. Many experts and scholars from the Chinese Internet industry and academia gathered online and offline to review the development of Internet advertising in China in 2020 and predict the future trend of Internet marketing in China.

The report shows that advertisers’ digital marketing budgets will increase by an average of 14% in 2020, which is a decline from the past three years. The digital marketing focus of advertisers has begun to shift. Among them, social marketing and self-media traffic are the most popular digital marketing forms for advertisers in 2020, followed by video advertising and social e-commerce.

The report pointed out that technology is still the driving force for expanding Internet marketing. Eliminating “seller-buyer” information asymmetry is the basic idea of ​​Internet marketing. Internet marketing security is an important guarantee for the sustainable development of Internet marketing.

The report looks forward to the future of the Internet marketing industry. The concept of short video “platform” will become blurred, and the value of short video traffic will be redefined.

In 2020, the epidemic has become the biggest challenge facing the development of all walks of life. On the one hand, the epidemic has swept across the world, causing a huge negative impact on all walks of life. On the other hand, the epidemic also provides an opportunity for companies to re-examine themselves.

Looking at the overall development trend of Internet marketing in 2020, technological innovation continues to expand the marketing space. The Internet of Everything keeps updating the cognitive pattern of marketers. The wide application of 5G in the commercial field will bring more possibilities for Internet marketing.

Although the growth rate of Internet marketing budgets in 2020 has slowed down for the first time, as the future advertisers’ demand for online marketing will gradually increase as the epidemic improves, China’s Internet marketing market will continue to grow in 2020.