78% China Advertisers Will Increase Their Digital Marketing Budget in 2021

The “2021 China Digital Marketing Trend Report” shows that 78% of advertisers in China will increase their digital marketing budget in 2021. At the same time, the average growth rate of the company’s overall marketing expenses is expected to reach 17%, which is a significant increase compared to the actual increase of 8% in 2020. This shows that after the epidemic, the marketing investment of Chinese companies is bullish.

47% of advertisers predict that China’s overall marketing investment will increase in 2021, 12% believe it will increase substantially, and 35% believe it will increase slightly. China’s marketing investment confidence is generally positive. The increase in marketing investment in China accounted for 54%, far exceeding 43% of mature advertisers, and positive confidence is even stronger.

Regarding the “objectives they want to achieve by advertising”, 79% and 78% of advertisers respectively chose brand goals (strengthening brand image and enhancing brand awareness) and effect goals (increasing sales). Similar proportions indicate that advertisers are Refactor product efficiency goals.

In addition, consistent with the recovery of high growth in overall corporate marketing, the expected growth rate of digital marketing in China in 2021 is 20%, which is a significant increase from the actual growth rate of 16% in 2020, reaching the expected level in 2019. There is no epidemic with high uncertainty. Affect the confidence of corporate digital marketing

Among them, 28% of advertisers’ digital marketing budgets have increased by more than 30% or more, an actual increase of 5 percentage points from 2020. 50% of advertisers’ digital marketing budgets have increased within 30%, and advertisers who have reduced their investment are only 5%.

The proportion of advertisers who increased the placement of short videos and social media was as high as 78% and 75%, followed by e-commerce platforms and live broadcasts, which accounted for over 50%.

The expected growth rate of social marketing in China in 2021 is 19%, which is 4 percentage points higher than the actual growth rate of 15% in 2020.