More European Consumers falling in Love with China’s Overseas Shopping

The latest data shows that the market size of European cross-border e-commerce in 2021 will exceed 171 billion euros, an increase of 36.5% over the previous year.

Personalized marketing, online transactions, contactless distribution… The advantages of e-commerce have become more prominent during the epidemic prevention and control period. A survey of 25 European countries by Belgian International Post found that consumers in 24 countries ranked Chinese sellers as the top three most popular cross-border online sellers. Another survey shows that more than a quarter of consumers in European countries prefer Chinese sellers when shopping across borders.

Excellent product quality is an important reason for the popularity of Chinese products. A large number of Chinese brands have opened up the market with high quality and gained high ratings and many buyers. China’s special products such as tea and silk also have many “fans”.

Smooth logistics is a strong guarantee for Chinese products to be exported to Europe. The “China-Europe Railway Express” has been further integrated with cross-border e-commerce, and various other cross-border e-commerce special trains have been opened successively and operated on a regular basis.

The cooperation in the field of e-commerce has promoted the innovation of European e-commerce. In The Hague, the Netherlands, the EU-China Cross-Border E-Commerce Association established the first cross-border e-commerce live broadcast incubation base in Europe. Entering the base, professional teams such as media marketing, photography, information technology, and live broadcast are readily available, focusing on cultivating local professional e-commerce practitioners in Europe. The future base of cross-border e-commerce between Europe and China will introduce high-quality products from both places to Chinese and European consumers respectively, and ultimately achieve the goal of “buying globally and selling globally”.

China’s e-commerce is the world leader, and many new formats and methods have emerged. China is a major global manufacturing country, and Europe is one of the important markets for Chinese manufacturing. Through cross-border e-commerce, European consumers can more conveniently buy Chinese goods and experience new shopping methods. At present, the proportion of online shopping in Europe is relatively low, and cross-border e-commerce between Europe and China has great potential for development. It is believed that more European consumers will fall in love with China’s “sea shopping”.