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Market Research on Baidu

“UK Property” Searched on Baidu Mobile – UK City – 2017Q3

UK is always an important country for Chinese wealthy in terms of overseas investment globally. According to the searches of “city property” on Baidu mobile, London sits on the dominant position apparently in United Kingdom. Search volume of “properties in London” looks 1/2 of “UK properties” in mobile section of Baidu search.   Country / City Jul-17 Aug-17 Sep-17 Country / City Jul-17 Aug-17 Sep-17 Britain…


“US Property” Searched on Baidu Mobile – by US City – 2017Q3

From Chinese wealthy point of view, it’s worthy and safety to invest real estate in the United States of America. New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco are the top 3 cites Chinese love to buy houses / apartments there. This happened in Baidu mobile searches, related to “city real estate” in US. Monthly Search Volume   Country / City Jul-17 Aug-17 Sep-17 Country /…


“Overseas Properties” Searched on Baidu Mobile – by Country – 2017Q3

It’s well-known that Chinese wealthy people are more likely to invest in real estate around the world, especially in those western developed countries. “US real estate” & “Australia properties” become popular searches on Baidu PC. However, “Japan properties” pops up in mobile search in this case. We will keep on this tracking with the trends how the China outbound investment of property flows as it’s the…


“Overseas Property” Searched on Baidu PC – by Country – 2017Q3

As we all know, wealthy Chinese love to invest properties in Western countries to prevent asset devaluation, since fast growth of China economy in past 30 years. This reflects in keywords searches on Baidu, “country+properties” in Chinese. Obviously, those properties in US and Australia get much more attention from Chinese investors comparing with others in our tracking records. Monthly Search Volume   Country Jul-17 Aug-17 Sep-17 Country…


“Country Properties” Searched by Chinese, Click Price Comparison on Baidu & Google

Wealthy Chinese are more likely to buy properties and apartments in Western developed countries, e.g., US, Canada, Europe countries, Japan, Thailand. This reflects in the activity of keywords searches on search engines, related to each country. Here’s the comparison of click prices from China Baidu and Google. The prices on Google fluctuate greatly in comparison of that on Baidu.   Country Baidu/Sept. Google/Sept. Country Baidu/Sept. Google/Sept. U.S.A US$3.60…