Engagement Marketing in e-Commerce of China

In today’s continuous development of the Internet economy, each enterprise wants to improve economic efficiency, and the development of engagement marketing and engagement consumption will become an important direction.

Under the new consumption environment, merchants have started new marketing and development in order to compete for more market share. Engagement marketing in ecommerce is one of them, which refers to the engagement marketing model between consumers and enterprises to seize the common interests of both parties. Point, find an ingenious communication opportunity and method, and closely combine the two parties.

Our common e-commerce engagement marketing mainly includes experience marketing, community marketing, viral marketing, database marketing and other methods. Engagement marketing in ecommerce is not a simple matter, you need to pay attention to the following matters:

  • Precisely locate target customers.
  • Complete customer information data.
  • Combining customer information and data, make customer consumption forecasts, and promote customers to repeat purchases.
  • Through customer consumption characteristics analysis and consumption tendency analysis, product portfolio analysis, effectively provide active marketing suggestions for related product sales and customer value enhancement.
  • Combine customer value management, integrate customer contact strategies and plans, provide information support for the establishment of long-term customer loyalty, and effectively support the execution and management of customer retention marketing activities.
  • Use stable and reliable products to maximize customer benefits.

Engagement marketing in ecommerce is a new model in the new era, and it is not easy for many traditional businesses to do a good job in engagement marketing.